TurboText 2.0

TurboText is one of the Amiga's best text editors, but has not been available for sale for around 10 years. It's features include:

  • Very fast loading and scrolling
  • Style Guide compliant
  • Highly customisable
  • Full ARexx command set with integration with major applications


  • TurboText 2.0 (~500K zip format)
  • TurboText 2.0 (~500K lha format)
  • TurboText 2.0 SAS/C support - ttx2_sasc.lha (Aminet)
  • TurboText Booster Pack alpha release (lha format) including: -
    • GlowIcons by Mason
    • Install shell script and icon install shell script
    • Patch for TurboText_Manual
      N.B. the alternative install scripts found in the booster are currently quick-and-dirty and contain no error checking or documentation. Please check their contents before using.

Installation & Requirements

  • Unzip (using Unzip, Unarc or xadUnfile) or "lha x" to a temporary location such as RAM:
  • Run the included Installer script - a TurboText directory will be created in your chosen location (actually, see FAQ below before proceeding)
  • TurboText requires OS2.04 or above

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does the Installer script fail?
    The Installer script has problems that cause it to fail on modern versions of Installer (possibly including Installer 43 and InstallerNG)
    Solution: Install by hand, copying the contents of TurboText2/Data/ in the archive, to your desired installation directory (I recommend SYS:Tools/TurboText/ )
  • Why does my system crash when I press Help? Why do I get "Not enough data" errors when I try to view the TurboText_Manual in MultiView or AmigaGuide?
    There are several lines in the file which are over 1024 characters long. A bug in the latest amigaguide support prevents this from being handled properly when link definitions cross the boundary, leading to incomplete { } pairs. This can be seen by the unmatched pair errors spotted by CheckGuide which also cannot process lines longer than 1024 characters.
    Solution: The TurboText Booster Pack (above) contains a patch file and script that will patch your TurboText_Manual to fix this problem.
  • Does TurboText run on OS4?
    I have had 2 reports that TurboText, once installed properly, runs great on OS4
  • Is the source code available?
    Unfortunately no, please see below.


TurboText 2 screenshot


TurboText is Copyright (C) Martin Taillefer. Martin has allowed me to make it available under the following conditions:

  • Distribution and use of the software is now free
  • Distribution of TurboText is only allowed if the archive remains unmodified
  • There is no support available, other than what can be found here
  • There is no source code available, it is not open source. The original source is in Modula2 and so has limited use anyway.

Amiga Forever also contains a version of TurboText 2.0 which has been modified in several ways to fix various issues. It is NOT permissable to distribute that version. Only the version found here (also on Aminet) may be distributed. If you wish to give TurboText 2.0 to your friends, please give them the version found here or recommend to them, as I do, that they buy Amiga Forever which is excellent value for money and contains much additional software.

Letters from Martin Taillefer, author of TurboText

Here are the original mails from Martin authorizing me to release TurboText 2.0 for free

Martin Taillefer wrote:

Here's a zip file with what may be the exact disk contents that were
distributed as TurboText 2.0. Since I haven't used an Amiga in about
8 years, I can't vouch for this zip file. But that's what I got...

Martin Taillefer wrote:

Go right ahead, publish it as far and wide as you'd like.

I don't mind publishing the source code, but I don't think it's worth
my time hunting and packaging that stuff up. Plus, most of it was
written using the Modula-2 compiler product I did (M2Sprint) which
would make the source less than useful for most folks.