eBay auctions

Here's another way you can support my projects (apart from donating via Paypal or buying Amazon books via my link) - my partner and I occassionally have stuff to sell on eBay, whenever we feel like clearing out our flat.

The kind of things we sell are our old toys (including Transformers, He-Man and other 1980s toys), clothes and shoes (clean and washed, promise!), and bits of computer kit, especially Amiga stuff.

You can see an automatically generated list of our current auctions below, or you can stay updated by checking my eBay specific RSS feed.

Subscribe to my feed directly at http://www.monkeyhouse.eclipse.co.uk/ebay.rss

Here's an alternative automatically generated feed at http://rssauction.com/cgi/rssget.cgi/320.rss

Alternatively, you can see all our current auctions at

Here (or Here if you're in the UK)

Happy bidding!

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