Amiga Utilities

Here are some other utilities I have worked on over the years. These older projects were developed with DICE, which is now free and available on Aminet. I might update them to SAS/C or GCC one day if I'm particularly bored.

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  • This program is a powerful, but buggy, Scientific Calculator designed to be a drop in replacement for the somewhat limited 3.0 Calculator - except with proper precedence (i.e. 2+2x3 = 8) using a reverse polish stack, and many other advanced functions.
  • Try not to use the nCr / nPr functions with large numbers, but otherwise you'll probably be OK.
  • I wrote it in 1995 (I think) but never released it back then
  • Download (includes source)

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  • This is a simple counterpart to the standard AmigaDOS Join command. I needed it to split apart large files back in the days of floppy disk transfers. I make no guarantees that it will safely split your files, but it worked for me back in the day. Warning: it's not very clever about memory allocation, and will load the whole file into memory before splitting.
  • Download


  • A simple program to toggle the Amiga floppy disk drive clicking noise
  • Download


  • Enables the * wildcard as an alternative to #?
  • Download


  • This program can be used to select a screenmode for Workbench until
  • Download


  • Sets the Pop Public Screen flag so that public screens will pop to the front when a new window opens on them
  • Download

DTUtil collection

  • Copy, Convert and Print
  • Download