Amiga Revival

* Under construction *

This section contains some tips for those of you getting back into the Amiga after a few years away, either by running an emulator on a


My main Amiga is now an emulated Amiga. With a 2GHz P4 running it, WinUAE makes AmigaOS fly faster than the fastest 68060 ever could. Here are the steps I went through in order to have an optimal install of OS3.9 on UAE.

Unpack and Uninstall latest WinUAE (N.B. releases r23 to r26 of WinUAE had major bugs)

Setup Picasso96 with latest UAE drivers (more info to come...)

Setup latest stable AHI with UAE drivers (more info to come...)


Regarding UAE for other platforms, which can be found here: the Mac version suffers from incorrect colours caused by PowerPC chips storing data in a different way to x86 chips (actually, this is Intel's fault) but I am very interested to hear from anyone about how the BeOS x86 port runs.

Real Amigas

Even if you use UAE, it would be a shame to leave your old real Amiga unused and unloved. Here's how I've upgraded my A1200 to make a mini server, that runs cool and silent.

Take one A1200

Add OS3.1 ROMS

Add CPU/FPU/RAM expansion card

Add 3Com Etherlink III PCMCIA card - these can be picked up on eBay for under £10. We will be needing the 3c589 SANA-2 device, but that's OK, in my experience it works better than the cnet device, and doesn't seem to need the card reset hack (but try it anyway - the software version that is). Use this to connect to your home LAN and broadband connection (assuming you use a DSL router, and not a USB ADSL modem)

Add CFIDE CompactFlash to IDE adapter - this allows us to use a CompactFlash card instead of a real hard disk - benefits of this are cool, silent running, speed and more space inside. For an A1200, we want the cfidemob laptop model.

Add CompactFlash card as internal hard disk - I use a 128MB card from

Add OS3.9 (installed from CD by mounting the CD drive of a Windows PC on my home LAN onto the Amiga using smbfs)

Install telnetd and VNC for remote administration

Install some server software (more info to come)