Please support Amiga software development!

You can do that in a number of ways:

  • Make a donation - even just a small one - using your Credit Card or Paypal account by clicking the Paypal button over on the left (N.B. you don't need a Paypal account to donate if you use a credit card!)
  • Purchase items from Amazon by following the links on the left - I have directly linked to the O'Reilly book "Learning Python" which I can recommend. I will be using this book as part of the testing of AmigaPython so almost all of the examples should work.
  • Send free versions of your commercial/shareware Amiga software
  • Bid on my auctions, to which there is a link down in the bottom left corner of this page. Sometimes I have interesting Amiga items, so check back regularly.
  • Since opening this page I have had two donations and a few book purchases. Thanks for everyone who has supported these projects in any way.

You can contact me here

Buy great Amiga software! In particular I would recommend (these are personal recommendations, none of these fine people have paid me to advertise them):

  • MooVId - really does play the latest AVI, DivX and QuickTime files
  • The extremely powerful, feature packed and excellent value PageStream at - these guys haven't given up on the Amiga against all odds, so we shouldn't give up on them either
  • AmigaForever - even if you have an Amiga and don't need the ROM images, get this because of the extras and get it because they have supported the Amiga for so long with so much
  • Great software is available at great prices from long time Amiga vendor Schatztruhe who sell a lot of stuff on eBay
  • If you have USB hardware on your Amiga, you should make sure to license the Poseidon USB driver stack. I don't have a USB enabled Amiga, but if I did, I'd make sure that this tremendous feat (and if you've ever programmed an Amiga you'll know how much work has gone into this) gets some recognition
  • And if you haven't got - and paid for - your AmigaOS3.9 and Amiga Developer 2.1 CDs then shame on you (get them from Schatztruhe on eBay, see above)

Site Contents

AmigaPython 2.3.3

  • Here you can find the latest release and home page for the AmigaOS port of Python Latest version is 2.3.3


  • Here is Martin Taillefer's TurboText 2.0, now released as freeware


  • Amiga ports of common API libraries: zlib, bzip2 and expat XML

Other Utilities

  • Source code and download links to older Amiga programs I have written

BoingBag 3

  • Work in Progress unofficial BoingBag 3 for AmigaOS 3.9


  • Collection of articles about the Amiga's history

Revival and Emulation [Under construction]

  • How to make your Amiga a first class Internet citizen
  • How to make the most of emulation
  • How to turn a humble A1200 into a modern computer for $50

Unix [Under construction]

  • How to increase the amount of software available for your Amiga by setting up full Unix compatibility

Development HowTo [Under construction]

  • How to install an up to date development environment on your Amiga
  • Discussion of SAS/C and alternatives
  • Directory of Amiga programming languages

Hints [Under construction]

  • Advanced hints for making the most of your Amiga, in the style of
  • If you have hints to contribute, please email!


  • My thoughts on the what made the Amiga so good, and the state of the Amiga in 2004

Reviews [Under construction]

  • Reviews of Amiga software. First planned is a comparison of Amiga text editors


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I recommend SharpReader for pc users and NetNewsWire Lite for mac users.

The Amiga currently lacks a complete RSS feed reader. Perhaps that's something we can change using AmigaPython. Or check out amRSS, which is coming along nicely (but using Reaction and simplehtml.library would be good too!)

If you run a mailing list, please consider moving to RSS instead of email. It makes it much easier for your readers to manage many many mailing lists without cluttering up their email, and ensures that they stay in control of what they're subscribed to, not you.


This Amiga software released by me on my website or on Aminet will be distributed under my new Plain English Open Source License terms which are as follows: -

  1. The license starts here.
  2. The Software being licensed is "Tim Ocock's software for Amiga computers" and includes any source code, executable code, documentation, designs and APIs.
  3. The Software may be downloaded from here and used by anyone for any purpose free of charge, other than as restricted by the terms of this license.
  4. The Software may not be redistributed without written permission. This applies to all re-distribution, whether as-is or in any modified form, including incorporation with other products, both and free and commercial.
  5. The Software does not carry any warranty or indemnity. All use is at your own personal risk.
  6. By downloading, copying or using the Software you accept the terms of this license.
  7. This is the end of the license.