Psion Hints and Tips

What's on my Psion

I get quite a few people asking me what software I use on my Psion Revo. The Psion machines that run the early EPOC version of what is now Symbian OS are still very capable devices in all aspects except perhaps multimedia (specifically, sound and video). Here's what I use - hopefully this will give you the oomph to dust yours off and keep using it for a few more years yet.

Also, here's a solution for those of you who have migrated to Windows NT/2000/XP and have so many devices you can no longer justify giving up a serial port to your Psion cable/cradle. If you have an InfraRed dongle, you can now use that with PsiWin too (previously IR mode with PsiWin only worked on Win95/98). What you need is the IRCOMM2K beta version 2 driver from which you must install into COM3 or COM4 (so do it before you install your Bluetooth software as that may create many COMs). Then you can set up a connection in PsiWin over that COM port.

Enable the logging option in PsiWin to make sure your connection is working. (Tip on how to do that to follow...). Also make sure to disable Infrared connections in the mRouter application installed with many Symbian OS phones. Same goes for Palm Desktop/HotSync - disable the Infrared connection temporarily while you connect PsiWin.

By the way, if you have a glossy red Psion Series 5, custom coloured by, and you yourself didn't get it recoloured, there's a good chance it was stolen from me in a burglary, and I'd very much like to have it back, together with the laptop and other things stolen at the same time, back in October 2001.